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Hotel Manofa


Parking your car in the city centre of Amsterdam is not easy and quite expensive. In the heart of Amsterdam you'll pay around EUR 5.60 an hour or EUR 46.00 a day!

As an extra service for our guests we teamed up with Car Hotel Amsterdam to offer you a more convenient solution.

Car Hotel Amsterdam will collect your car from the hotel and park it in a secure parking garage during your stay in Amsterdam. On check-out day your car will be delivered back to the hotel on the time you request it.

The costs are low compared with parking your car in the street or in a public parking. Pick-up and delivery will cost you EUR 10.00 and the parking rate is EUR 20.00 for 24 hours. So for a three days stay you only pay EUR 70.00 instead of EUR 108.00 and you don't have to worry about theft or damages because the garage is safe and guarded.

Book your room now and let us know that you arrive by car so that we can reserve a safe place for your car.

For more information have a look at www.carhotel.nl